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  Built in 2015 by Nenking Group, Yicui Riviera Estate is a mega community that is located in District D of Foshan Financial Hi-Tech Zone. The Estate, which faces south with superb river view, is situated in the center of Nanhai District, as well as the core section of the northern area of the Financial Hi-Tech Zone. Developed in 8 clusters, it covers an area about 250,000 sq.m, and its construction area reaches 1.3 million sq.m, including western-style house, river-view townhouse, service apartment and first-rate office building.

  The Estate faces Guihe Road on the east, Foshan Waterway and Haiba Road on the south, and leans against the GuangFo new metro. Additionally, the well-developed traffic around the community can take you to regions like Guangzhou, Chancheng, Nanhai and Shunde within a short period of time. At present, there is a shuttle bus directly taking you from the Estate to the Financial Hi-Tech Zone Station of GuangFo Metro Line 1. In the future, the Suiyanxi Station of Foshan Metro Line 6 will be directly connected to the Yicui Riviera Community, which will further integrate Guangzhou and Foshan by then.

  Yicui Riviera, known as a complex with huge investment and capacity in Foshan Financial Hi-Tech Zone, has been popular among the customers from Guangzhou and Foshan since its launch into the market in 2015. With climbing trading volumes and exceeding demands, Yicui Zundi now has been one of the best-selling estates in Foshan.

Total floor area:25sq.m

Total construction area:1,300,000 sq.m, including nearly 300,000 sq.m of supporting facilities

Plot ratio: 3.5

Green rate: 30%

Total household: 6,300

Furnishing standard: roughcasted, well-furnished

Available house type: 75-180 sq.m high-floor western-style house with two to four rooms

Delivery time: first batch in mid 2017

Supporting facilities: international kindergarten (6,000 sq.m), public transport hub (3,000 sq.m), commercial street (1,000m), CBA Loong Lions Basketball Club headquarter and base, etc.

Transportation: metro:only 10 minutes’ drive to the Financial Hi-Tech Zone Station of GuangFo Metro Line 1; connected to Suiyanxi Station of Foshan Metro Line 6 in 2018; connected to Guangzhou Metro with 2 metro lines in the future

Bus line: Shuitou Lukou Station, Line 206, 208, 222, 250, Gui 18, Gui 17, Li 04, Li 14 and GuangFo Shuttle Bus Line 4

Project location:Guijiang River North, Financial Hi-Tech Zone, Qiandeng Lake, Foshan

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