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  The Yicui Kensington urban complex is a mega-city project invested and built by Nenking Group in 2014 and is located in the CBD of Foshan New Town and covers a construction area of 1,150,000 sq.m, in which residential area is about 600,000 sq.m and commercial area about 550,000 sq.m. The entire project is separated into 6 sections: high-end residential communities, NBA-standard International Sports and Cultural Center, Foshan Nanfenghui Shopping Mall, top-level business apartment and first-rate office building.

  Generally, the project’s design concept harnesses the L.A. Live and West Kowloon for reference and features with sports and one-stop service, integrating large sports venue and commercial residence together as a complex for the very first time across China.

  As to residential projects, since launching into the market in 2014, Yicui Kensington and Yuyuan have displayed their super-practical hou111se type and high-quality design with communities surrounded by trees and flowers. In addition, the estates provide beautiful river view and perfect sunlight for residents, furthest bringing natural factors into the house to meet the demands of modern families and enhance the living taste thoroughly.

  In terms of commercial complex, Nenking Group joins hands with topnotch partners around the globe, including Nan Fung Group, AEG (a company specializes in global sports & entertainment operation) and DPA (a famous architectural design institute in Singapore), to introduce brand-new patterns for major sports events, entertainments & shows, stylish shopping & recreations, foods & beverages, and strive to top the Yicui Kensington commercial complex in Foshan New Town.

Total floor area: 220,000 sq.m

Total construction area: 1,150,000 sq.m, including 600,000 sq.m Yicui Kensington residential cluster; 600,000 sq.m commercial and sports complex cluster

Plot ratio: 4.1

Green rate: 35%

Furnishing standard: roughcasted

Available house type: 80-190 sq.m high-floor western-style house with three to five rooms

Delivery time: Yicui Huayuan (first phase) and Yicui Yuyuan delivered at the end of 2016

Supporting facilities:international kindergarten (6,500 sq.m), exclusive river view (50,000 sq.m), Foshan International Sports & Cultural Center (150,000 sq.m), Foshan Nan Fung Hui Shopping Center (180,000 sq.m)

Total household: 4,000

Transportation::the estate is built on two metros : the extension line of GuangFo Metro Line 1, and Foshan Metro Line 3. In addition, you can take the extension line of GuangFo Metro Line 1 to the transportation hub of Foshan New Town, and Guangzhou-Foshan-Jiangmen-Zhuhai Intercity Light Rail to Guangzhou South Railway Station, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, and Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station within only one hour

Project location: the Intersection of Baishun Road and Fuhua Road, Foshan New Town (the opposite side of Dongping Primary School)

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Address:Jiahuiguan, Yicui Xinyuan Estate, #2 Jianping Road, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong Province