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Guangzhou Metro Line 28 Revealed

From:GuangZhouRiBao  Time:2019-06-21

  Guangzhou Metro Line 28 will go through the central area of Foshan, and a transport hub complex will be constructed to connect Guangzhou Metro Line 1, Line 11, Line 22, and Line 28 together.

  It means that Fangcun Station will be changed into Baietan Station in the future, becoming a rare four-line-interchange station in Guangzhou.

  More details for Line 28

  Line 28 links Dongguan, Foshan, and other cities together in the Pearl River Delta. It starts from Foshan in the west, enters Guangzhou along Suiyan Road, passes Baietan, and then travels along the north shore of Haizhu Island, passing Pazhou Island. That being said, Line 28 connects Foshanxi Station, Dali, Liwan, Haizhu, Tianhe, Huangpu and Zengcheng districts together.

However, the above stations are for reference only and have not been officially confirmed by Guangzhou Metro.

  The latest news also revealed that in addition to the extension of Line 28 to Foshanxi Station, a branch line will be set up to the central area of Foshan.

  Yicui Riviera is located next to Suiyan Xilu Station of Line 28. Starting from Riviera, you can arrive in Fangcun in 2 stops and Shiergong in 3 stops, which seamlessly connects downtown Guangzhou.

  It takes less than 30 minutes to go through the entire journey by Line 28. After it is in full operation, it only takes 5 minutes from Yicui Riviera to Baietan in 5 minutes, and 15 minutes from Foshanxi Station to Huangpu New Passenger Station.

  5 high-speed railways to be built

  In order to promote the deep integration of Guangzhou with surrounding cities and cultivate a modern metropolitan area, this plan proposes adding new urban high-speed rail tracks. The design speed of urban high-speed rails is above 160 km /h. In collaboration with the existing planned intercity railways, it can achieve high-speed direct access between Guangzhou and neighboring urban centers and important groups.

  At present, the plan proposes 3 vertical and 2 horizontal urban high-speed railways, of which Line 18 and 22 are under construction.

  3 vertical lines

  Line 18 (from Nansha District through Tianhe District to Huadu District; extending to Zhongshan and Qingyuan)

  Line 22 (from Nansha District through Guangzhou South Railway Station to Baiyun Airport; extending to Dongguan)

  Line 17 (from Science City through Panyu District to Shunde)

  2 horizontal lines

  Line 28 (from Huangpu District to Baietan; extending to downtown Foshan)

  Line 37 (from Zhishicheng to Guangzhou East Railway Station)

  7 new lines incoming; 10 lines will be interconnected between Guangzhou & Foshan

  At present, Guangzhou and Foshan have operated the GuangFo Line. And 2 new lines are under construction—Guangzhou Line 7 (extended) and Foshan Line 2. The total length of the above three lines is 77.86 km.

  The report states that the two cities are planning to build 7 new metro lines, 4 of which will be implemented by 2025: Guangzhou Line 28, Guangzhou Line 19, Foshan Line 11, and Foshan Line 4.

  In the future, the two cities will have 10 metro lines interconnected with a total length of 395.05 km, in which 149.16 km within Guangzhou and 249.4 km within Foshan.

  Living by Qiandenghu Lake, starting at RMB 590,000

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  And a 3,000㎡ transportation hub。

  In the future, owners can go shopping, receive education and enjoy recreational activities near their home.

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