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A Chance to Buy A House by Qiandenghu Lake

From:Yicui Estate  Time:2019-12-14

  In 2009, the signing of Guangzhou-Foshan Urban Integration Cooperation Agreement kicked off the Guangzhou-Foshan integration.

  During the last 10 years, Guangzhou and Foshan have continued to deepen their policy, transportation, planning, population, and lifestyle, which further integrates the citizens between the two cities.

  So, what changes have taken place throughout the past decade?

  Transportation takes the lead

  Transportation is the first benefit from GuangFo integration.

  In terms of transportation network, the two cities build multiple bridges and roads for integration. So far, there have been 18 roads completed and in full operation.

  With regard to metro lines, the GuangFo Metro Line1 was already fully operated in 2016. In the Guangzhou-Foshan Rail Transit Plan signed by the two cities this year, there will be 17 new metros to be built between the two cities for further integration.

  Guangzhou Line 28 starts at Guangzhou Zengcheng Zhengguo Airport, passes through Guangzhou Zengcheng, Huangpu, Haizhu, Liwan and ends at Foshan West Railway Station. And a branch line is planned to extend from Xintang in Zengcheng to Liaobu in Dongguan.

  About intercity railways, the construction of GuangFo Ring Road, GuangFo JiangZhu Urban Railway, and Zhao-Shun-Nan Intercity Railway will guarantee the “One Hour” life circle in Guangzhou-Foshan-Zhaoqing region.

  Further integration between Guangzhou & Foshan

  The transportation development, especially in rail transit, changes the lifestyle of these two cities.

  According to media reports, the average daily passenger flow of the GuangFo Metro in 2019 is 540,000, and the annual passenger flow is expected to approach 110 million, of which 55% are going back and forth.

  The big data of Baidu Map shows that till December, 2018, there are 450,000 people who are deemed as “migratory group”. Most of these people are active in Jinshazhou, Qiandenghu Lake and Sanshan New Town regions.

  In the past decade, hundreds of thousands of white-collar workers have been going back and forth between Guangzhou and Foshan like migratory birds.

  Lifestyle synchronized

  In May, 2019, The human resources and social affairs departments of the two places in Guangzhou and Foshan signed a framework cooperation agreement, which will promote the integration in terms of human resources development cultivation of talents, social security and governmental services.

  At present, Nanhai District has implemented inter-city administrative approval with Liwan, Baiyun, and Huadu Districts. From transportation to government affairs, with the continuous deepening of reforms in Guangzhou and Foshan, the two cities will have more areas and fields to be interconnected to provide "one-stop" governmental services for citizens.

  The rise of Qiandenghu Lake

  The integration of Guangzhou and Foshan propels the real estate market of Foshan. With the operation of GuangFo Metro and implementation of favorable policies, the housing price of Foshan is now skyrocketing.

  In the past decade, the housing price has risen from thousands to over RMB 30,000 per square meters, with Qiandenghu Lake reaching over 400% growth rate. Currently, the highest housing price of this area has reached RMB 40,000/㎡, leading the entire real estate market in Foshan.

  A double price in only a few miles

  Why choosing Foshan? Because the housing price can be doubled in only a few miles away.

  At the border between Guangzhou and Foshan, the average housing price is over RMB 50,000/㎡ and even up to RMB 65,000/㎡. And the numbers are still climbing.


  The auction price of 225-A land of Guanggang New Town is 2.62 billion, which is about RMB 33,840/㎡.


  In September, the auction price of a residential land in Liwan District reaches 3.56 billion, which is about RMB 42,520/㎡.

  Thus, it can be imaged that these lands will have a higher price as long as they are built into estates. Comparatively, the housing price of Qiandenghu Lake is just half of them and enjoy a huge potential in value increasing.

  A good time to buy one

  In November 29, Foshan announced a new policy: those who have a bachelor degree or a higher education background can purchase a house in Foshan freely without any restrictions!

  The Yicui Riviera

  Yicui Riviera covers an area of 250,000㎡ with a GFA of 1,300,000 ㎡. It is the one and only estate that faces south with a vast land in Qiandenghu Lake area.

  The estate is next to Suiyanxi Road Station of Guangzhou Metro Line 28. And Line 1, Line 6 and Line 28 will converge here. You can get to Fangcun in 2 stops and Shiergong in 3 stops, arriving in downtown Guangzhou in 10 minutes.

  A superb river view

  The Riviera embraces a mile’s river shore and landscape along with it.

  Recently, Foshan government has releaved that Qiandenghu Lake and the Financial Hi-tech Zone will be included into the lighting areas. And the Riviera is sitting at the opposite to see the lights.

  You can enjoy the beautiful lights and skyscrapers at your balcony, which can match the night views of Zhujiang New Town.

  This kind of river-view estate is rare in Foshan, you cannot miss it.

  Image this, you can buy a three-room house by Qiandenghu Lake starting at only 1 million!

  Action now!

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