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15 Metro Stations of Foshan Line 3 Capped

From:Fo Shan Fang Chan  Time:2019-12-10

  Recently, a couple of metro stations of Foshan Line 3 have been capped.

  Gaocun Station

  On December 8, after 10 hours of hard work, the main structure of Foshan Metro Line 3 (Gaocun Station) was successfully capped, becoming the 15th station being capped of Line 3.

  Gaocun Station is located in the intersection of Beijiaolin Shangbei Road and Gaocun Avenue in Shunde, with total length of 267.6m.

(The last roof being placed at Gaocun Station)

  Gaocun Station was under great traffic pressure as it was surrounded by major residential areas and there were schools and shops nearby.

  There were 10KV high-voltage lines passing through the station construction area, and 29 spots were complicated to be dealt with, which brought many challenges to the construction team.

(Gaocun Station successfully capped)

  In addition, the complicated layer there required the construction team to have full surveys before digging it.

  Ultimately, Gaocun Station was successfully built and capped.

  Shencun Station

  On December 2, the first acceptance of the main structure floor of the main structure of Shencun Station of Foshan Metro Line 3 passed smoothly, marking that Shencun Station has begun to enter the stage of large-scale and standardized main structure construction.

  Through discussions at the meeting and on-site acceptance, the construction quality of the first floor of the Shencun Station met the design and specification requirements, and the participating parties agreed to carry out the concrete pouring.

  Guicheng Station

  On November 30, as the only station under construction on existing operating lines, the main structure of Guicheng Station was successfully capped.

  Guicheng Station means a lot for those who travel between Guangzhou and Foshan. The station is located at the intersection of Nanhai Avenue and Nangui East Road. It is surrounded by Yuexiu business district and Kaide Plaza, with high-rise buildings and busy traffic. It is a densely populated area in Nanhai District.

(Main structure of Guicheng Station being poured with concrete)

  The geological conditions of Guicheng Station were complicated. In order to ensure that normal operation of existing lines is not affected, related construction teams were working together to overcome difficulties. There were 12 expert meetings, 30 coordinating meetings, 8 plan changes and discussion meetings, and 24 hours on duty during construction...

  Through scientific organization, meticulous construction, and emergency plans, they overcame many difficulties and finish all the work of this station.

  Luocun Station—Foshanxi Station

  On November 28, the left shield of Luocun Station-Foshanxi Station of Foshan Metro Line 3 started smoothly, becoming the fourth shield initiated in 2019 within the area.

(Initiating ceremony of Tianyou #20 Shield)

  The shield started from Luocun Station to Foshanxi Station, laying along the west side of Airport Road, and finally arrived at the south section of Foshanxi Station.

  The shield went through many risk points like silt layer and medium-coarse sand layer. But as last, it went safely and marched effectively, setting a standard for the other constructions.

  Dadun Station

  On November 21, the main structure of Dadun Station of Foshan Metro Line 3 was successfully capped. The smooth capping of the main structure of the station laid a solid foundation for the future transfer of electromechanical equipment and decoration.

  There was a river in the site of Dadun Station: the branch of the Tanzhou waterway. It needed to be relocated before the station construction started. After the station construction was completed, it will be relocated as a river.

(Main structure of Dadun Station capped)

  The station was in a complex stratum. During the construction process, the team solved many problems and hence provided valuable technical experience for the subsequent construction of Line 3.

  As the end of 2019 approaches, there are 15 stations of Foshan Metro Line 3 capped successfully, which delights the upcoming 2020.

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