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Here Is How to Register Your Household in Foshan

From:FoFangWang  Time:2019-12-20

  Many people have asked about how to register their residence in Foshan after getting points required. Now, we already compiled the Application Process of Point-based household registration. Let’s check it out.

  There are 2 steps for the registration,

  Step 1: Apply for a Point-based Household Registration Card;

  Step 2: Go through point-based household registration procedures at Public Security Bureau.

  First of all, let’s see how to apply for a Point-based Household Registration Card。

  Application terms

Confirm you are qualified for the point-based household registration: residents who hold a valid residence permit of Foshan and pay social security for 12 months in a row and remain secured during the application can apply for point-based household registration (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan residents), or conduct self-service applications by logging in Foshan Point-based Household Registration System.

  Specific procedure

(I) Residents who meet the application requirements should upload relevant materials (ID card and valid residence permit, etc) to the Foshan Point-based Household Registration System, or head for the relevant service-handling office at your place of residence and file an application for point-based household registration.

(II) Each district's serve-handling office will make a list by ranking the applicant's points on a quarterly basis, and publicize the result on the Foshan New Citizen Service Information website and Municipal Government website for at least 5 business days. After confirming the quantity of household registration and the final list of applicants, each office will issue the Point-based Household Registration Card.

(III) Within 6 months since the issue date of the registration card, new citizens who have been qualified should take your registration cards, ID cards and specific household address and other materials to the household registration management department at public security organizations to finish registration procedures. Your spouse and minor children can move in with you. The household address can be your own house with legal property rights (the House Property Ownership Certificate or the original copy of Real Property Certificate required), a collective household address (the collective residence booklet needed), or the following addresses agreed by the property owner (the House Property Ownership Certificate or the Permission Letter from the property owner required): the long-term public rental house provided by the government, the rental house registered and filed, or the house of your relatives and friends. Those who fail to finish the procedure within the set time will be deemed as waiving the household registration qualification.

  New citizens can earn higher points if they have the following materials.

  The other point-adding materials include:

  Certificate of academic qualifications, professional or technical qualifications, real estate certificate, patent invention certificate, investment tax certificate, certificate of award, certificate of social contribution, certificate of health and epidemic prevention, certificate of family planning, certificate of specific work services, etc.

  The way to submit materials—online channel

  Remember this almighty platform: Foshan New Citizen Self-Service Application Platform (http://zjsb.fslgb.gov.cn/app/main).

  Or you can subscribe the “Foshan New Citizen” WeChat Official Account and click the “self-service application” to log in the platform.

  Follow the above process and you will acquire the Card, then you also need to go to the Public Security Bureau to apply for point-based household registration.

  Scope of service

  Chinese citizens but non-Foshan household residents

  Term of service

  New citizens who have been confirmed by local administrations to acquire qualification of household registration and obtain the Card. These citizens, along with their spouse and minor children, should apply for household registration at their card issue place within period of validity of the Card.

  Materials needed

  [1] Fill in the Household Registration Application Form as required.

  [2] ID cards of the applicant and those who move in (those who are at the age of 16 years or above must offer), and household residence booklet. For collective households, please provide the address book page and the applicant’s registration card of permanent residence.

  [3] The Point-based Household Registration Card (with validity of 6 months).

  [4] The property ownership certificate for the household registration address.

  [5] If you move into a government property leased house (guaranteed house, affordable house, direct-management house, etc.), please provide a house-use certificate issued by the government housing management department.

  [6] Please provide the Permit of Household Registration issued by the collective household unit and the address page of the registration booklet.

  [7] For registering your household in your relatives and friends, please provide the home address and real estate certificate, household registration booklet; resident identity card of the head of the household and the property owner; proof of kinship between the applicant and the head of the household (if not provided, register with the head of the household as a non-relative.). The head of household and the property owner sign the consent statement on the spot or provide a notary certificate of consent. Each family household is only allowed to be attached to the household once.

  [8] If the spouse moves in with the applicant, please provide a marriage certificate. If a minor child moves in as well, its birth medical certificate and the parents’ marriage certificate shall be provided. If divorced, a divorce certificate and divorce agreement or court mediation statement or court judgment shall be provided. The divorced minor's household registration will be moved with the custody owner (the custody owner can follow the other party, and the custody owner signs the consent statement or provides a notary certificate and a lawyer's certificate) on the spot.

  [9] The above materials (1,2,3 are compulsory; 4,5,6,7 optional, at least one item; 8 must provide if any); original copies for certificates.


  1. In order to ensure the consistency and completeness of the provided certification materials, applicants should go to the original issuing authority to renew or issue a certificate. If the information does not match between the various certification materials (such as inconsistent name, date of birth, ID number, place of birth, etc.), the certificate should be changed or a change certificate or supplementary certificate should be issued.

  2. Please provide authentic and effective materials. Those who submit false materials must bear legal liability;

  3. Please cooperate accordingly if there is any doubt from the authority.

  Procedure of service

1. Apply for household registration at public security organizations.

2. Verification and Approval. The authority will review the application to decide to approve or not. Applicants will acquire the Permit for Registration issued by the authority, or get noticed if not approved.

3. Migration of household. Applicants should take the Permit and go to the public security organizations at the original household address and claim the Household Migration Certificate.

4. Household registration. Applicants should take whatever it is required by the authority to finish the household registration.


  1. The public security organization will not issue the Certificate of Approval to Move In If applicants meet the one-stop migration conditions.

  2. Please make an appointment before heading for household registration as some authorities are pretty busy. Please consult to Address and Office Time of Foshan Public Security Organizations.

  Place of service

  The public security lobby at Chancheng District

  The household management department of police stations at Nanhai, Shunde, Sanshui and Gaoming

  Period of service

  1. 15 business days for reviewal and approval

  2. Those who are qualified with full materials can be served on the spot

  Charging standard

  1. RMB 4 for a registration certificate for household relocation;

  2. RMB 10 for household residence booklet;

  3. RMB 40 for collective household residence booklet;

  4. RMB 20 for renewing ID card

  5. RMB 40 for issuing a new ID card;

  6. RMB 10 for obtaining a temporary ID card.

  Further descriptions

  1. Each legal property right residential house can only be established as one household; only one property owner who has property rights greater than or equal to the average share of the real estate co-owners and their corresponding immediate family members are allowed to enter the house (except for those who are eligible to affiliate as partners). If the ownership and use right of the house is not divided, households will not be divided. Non-residential houses and illegally constructed houses shall not be registered. Standards for defining residential houses: The purpose column of the real estate certificate is filed as "residence".

  2. Non-directive relatives are only allowed to register once in each household.

  3. If the household registration address is invalid or there is a dispute over the property right, the property owner should voluntarily report to the household administration department, and the original family household of this address will not be able to handle any household registration temporarily.

  4. Proof of family relationship. Including marriage certificate, birth certificate or birth medical certificate, adoption certificate, notary certificate, forensic medical certificate, account book that can clearly reflect the relationship between the two parties, and the certificate of relationship between the two parties issued by the public security organ (or the personnel department of the party and government organ). If the marriage certificate is lost, the marriage registration department shall issue a marriage certificate.

  5. The address page of the collective household registration booklet. Check it with the collective household to seal the page for use.

  6. Apart from special conditions (parents are military personnel in active service; parents are both dead; parents who cannot take their children to move in or go abroad due to policy reasons); those who are under 18 or juveniles and others who fail to have full capacity for civil conduct cannot register as the owner.

  7. Minor children under 18 can only relocate with their parents.

  8. For those who fail to show family ties by the household registration booklet, they should provide a kinship certificate.

  9. If there are any suspected materials need to be investigated, the investigation time is not included in the reviewal and approval time limit.

  10. Those who provide false materials or violate laws and regulations during the household registration will not be approved; those who have settled by violating laws and regulations will be cancelled, and their ID cards and registration booklet will be took over; those who commit any crimes will bear legal liability accordingly.

  11. Any items needed to be reviewed and approved must be handled in 6 months since the date of reviewal. Otherwise a new application should be submitted if expired.

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